by Frederick Drummond

Throughout his life-long journey with God, Frederick Drummond, Sr. has written many books as God has revealed deeper truths of His Word to him. These books reflect that revelation ministry to his congregations. Below is a partial list of those books, some of which are no longer available.


Return to Eden –

Jesus, the second Adam, has birthed a New Creation

The miracle of God's new creation is that you have been invited to share in the love that has always existed between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a grand experience of love, between believers and their God, that they have brought into their homes, their churches, and every area of their lives. It sets them apart from the rest of the world as one-of-a-kind people. Their relationships smack of Eden's bliss. They are full of the joys of togetherness, the pleasures of companionship, and the excitement of unending, inseparable love between them, their God, and everything that they do. This is true propsperity. This is their glory. This is God's glory!

available December 23, 2016

Reigning in Life Through Christ!

Are you reiging in life? In Christ every person has the God-ordained right to rule and reign.

Normal –

Discovering how life was meant to be.

Who can say what normal is? So who can require the actions that define normal? Unless we know the foundation of normal, then normal is a function of where we grew up, the time we live in or just our personal opinions. Discover what leading comentators say that normal is, and define for yourself where to start the quest for normal.

Christianity 101 –

The Bible way to become a Christian.

Are you frustrated because you don't know the measuring stick of a real Christian? Discover the basic elements that define true Christianity and therefore true spirituality. Starting from the basics, this books help the unlearned and exhorts the mature in what the Hebrews writer calls the elementary principles of Christ. As the song goes, "A very good place to start...".

Living to the MAX

How to make the most out of every day.

Could it be that some are destined to live a good life while others are not? I do not believe so. Personal success is determined by what we do with all of the little situations that we live through one at a time, moment by moment. This is a "take charge" book on how to become the master of your own destiny.

Speak To Your Mountain

How to move the mountains you can't climb over.

Have you spent too much of your life hung up on your mountains? One of the most exciting discoveries a Christian makes reading the New Testament is that they have access to faith strong enough to move mountains. This means you have the power in God to always win over obstacles that stand between you and God's best for you.

Guaranteeing Your Prosperity

How to calculate personal success:body, soul & spirit.

Prosperity, body, soul and spirit, for the Christian works very much like the ugly duckling principle: Who you were designed to be in God is God's best defining true, personal prosperity for the individual. Ultimately, Christianity is about walking in love and becoming Christ-like, which has always brought spiritual and physical blessings.

Enjoying the Fullness of the Spirit

A fun book that addresses the suernatural ability of Chirst to bless His people is evey way. Learn about the anointing of Christ and how, under the New Covenant, believers can live victorious, God-blessed lives regardless of their circumstances, if they know how to receive the benefits that are available to them.


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