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Raising up real people who are on the cutting edge of what God is doing in their generation is rare; too many pursue their own agendas. It is a work of the Holy Spirit that can only be accomplished in the heart of someone who is devoted to chasing down their destiny in Christ, by standing on the Word of God regardless of the cost, and following the Holy Spirit's plain, easy leadership. Frederick A. Drummond, Sr. is such a man. His devotion to finding real, workable answers has made him the person he is today. It was a costly route to follow, but it got the job done without regrets and a sweet spirit. If you want to know why those who meet him never forget the experience, it is because God has done something wonderful in him that comes out of his mouth wherever he goes. The anointing on him is undeniable. Thank God for hungry people who have paid the price to get real answers.

His education didn't begin in a formal classroom setting; it began on the field. As a lost teenager, raised in an affluent home on the beach-front in South Africa, he had no knowledge of, nor need for the Word of God or church life. However, the first time he heard the Gospel of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ preached from the pulpit of a Baptist church (thanks to a good friend who finally convinced him to go with him one Sunday evening) it struck him to the core. He was born again in that service and from that night onwards its truths have been the burning light of God directing him and guiding his life's choices. From then until now his desire to know the fullness of God's Word, to love it and share it, to live it and teach others to live by it without admixture, is the earmark of his life. Soon God deemed him ready and called him into full-time ministry to preach the new creation message of grace, no matter the personal cost. At the very outset of his call he developed the loving spirit that would become the earmark of his ministry.

If you are looking for a perfect man with a perfect track record, then he is not the one. In fact, he would be the first to tell you that he was a sinner that was saved by grace, and found being a saint pretty awkward for a long time, until God revealed to him the new creation message about love and grace which set him free. He is always quick to lovingly remind you that there is a vast difference between chasing after sin and resisting God, and chasing after God and resisting sin.


If there is one word to describe his life (and by the way that’s a hard call to make) it would be “grace.” This above all else was the thing that drew him to leave the career that he was raised to pursue (wealth management) and go into the full-time ministry. When he found out that God was big enough to take the time needed to help you sort out your issues, and get to the other side of them, this became his life message. He concluded that it was more important to help people get over themselves and make something wonderful out of their lives, and to see how blessed their lives are in Christ, than it was to personally chase after money. Because of it, he is welcomed by every kind of person, on the left and on the right, the good and the bad. They love him because he genuinely cares and lovingly shares the truth from his heart, and judges no man. Furthermore, he is loyal to a fault, and people are instantly drawn to him in friendship, knowing that they have found someone who loves God, and with His permission loves them also.



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